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my somber republican lament
10/05/2006 02:19:00 AM | Justin

I'm frankly starting to feel sorry for republican bloggers. It seems as if Bob Woodward, Mark Foley, Iraq, and Sherrod Brown have collectively ripped the rugged from under them.

Woodward's latest book has relently exposed their countless lies, one of the most common of which was that the "mission accomplished" banner had been put up independently by members of the navy after Bush's deft aircraft carrier landing. Woodward quotes rumsfeld as saying that "mission accomplished" was originally in Bush's speech until Rumsfeld pressured for it to be removed, but even his pressure failed to get the banner from being taken down. Basically every republican-aligned blogger has egg on his face for this, for arguing the "mission accomplished" slogan had nothing to do with Bush or his notion of the contemporary situation in Iraq.

Congressman Foley has utterly emasculated the republican party, by turning it from the party of god to the party of pedophilia. Anyone who even remotely claims to adhere to the republican ideology should be calling for the resignation of those behind the pedophilia cover-up, including Hastert and Reynolds (whose chief of staff has already resigned).

On Iraq, woodward cites the statistic that there are 800-900 attacks a week against Iraqi troops. Condi tries to skirt the issue on NPR, by talking about her early experiences with segregation, drawing the parallel: People once believed blacks were inferior and couldn't handle democracy and freedom, and likewise liberals today believe Iraqis can't handle democracy and are better off under Saddam's dictatorship. I'm all for not patronizing Iraqis, but her argument ignores the statistics that have come out recently from several independent sources saying that a majority of Iraqis a) want US troops to leave immediately b) support attacks on US soldiers in Iraq (60%). It really makes my bloods boil that she would dare argue liberals are patronizing Iraqis by calling for a timely withdrawal, while Iraqis' own popular opinion demands the US leave immediately.

Lastly, Congressman Sherrod Brown's been tearing into Senator Dewine in the Ohio senate race this week, in a way that's symbolic of how other races should turn out if the democratic candidate ever had the balls (and/or estrogen) to represent the true democratic opinion.

As one US general recently said, we should withdraw from Iraq "as soon as is practical". You can talk all you want about being soft on terrorism, but at this point, my frank opinion is that our humiliated departure is inevitable, and the longer we stay the more we magnify this humiliation, and the more we galvanize the terrorists. This is not by any means a negative verdict on our troops in the field. It is by every means a negative verdict on the performance and decision making of Donald Rumsfeld, and the entire administration. But there is an alternative to eternal damnation. Word has it, Santa is accepting conservative blogger resignation applications, if you mail them to the following address:

I Am A Damned Mofo

If you are sincere, you will be fully forgiven for your sins. Take it from an avowed aethist.

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