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7/10/2006 04:42:00 PM | Jared Alessandroni

Just a bit more on the Fleeing Jews...

The JewsOnFirst article here either predates or simply couldn't find the Indian River School District's religious policies. There were three; one was about Board prayer, one about graduations and ceremonies, and this one is probably the most pertinent, long term, as it has to do with religion actually in school.

What strikes me is that the document is not terribly different from the policy of my wealthy liberal Massachusetts school, in fact, I think it's basically boilerplate with a few changes. I remember my school's policy (though currently offline) -- I don't think had a provision specifically allowing teachers to talk about religion among themselves during lunch and break time, though I doubt any of them ever felt they couldn't. Otherwise, it's about the same.

I say this because I think the bigger problem isn't policy at all. I think in a very polarized political climate, it's easy to see us and them, and to most of the readers of this, the them are all dull-witted religious fanatics with little education or global perspective. At least to me they are. I think they're laughable, and deserving of the ugly world they're building for themselves by voting for the people they mostly do. Aren't these the same people who need a higher minimum wage that their leaders would laugh about? Aren't theirs the kids that are being killed in a mock-war? If their ignorant religious belief and fear of gays and flag-burners allies them with a party and a group of politicians who basically laugh at their troubles, (the ones the same politicans either created or exacerbated) these people get what they deserve. It's the fantasy you have that the kid who beat you up in middle school would be pumping gas - or porta-potties - just bigger, dumber. But what if these are the kids who grow up to run WalMart and run Washington? What if the angry, retarded Bible-thumpers who don't believe in Evolution become the heads of educational institutions, doctors?

The fight isn't really a legal fight, just like with all bullies. Of course bullying is against the rules, but it still happens. This was a Jewish family - imagine if one of them had been gay, too? The them here are ignorant, angry people, and it's starting to look like they're actually in power. We need to do everything we can to change that.

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