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7/18/2005 01:31:00 AM | Timothy

That is bullshit
From Lou Dobbs Tonight (7/15/05) (transcript via Lexis-Nexis):
DOBBS: Tonight, a surprising new development in the CIA leak investigation. Karl Rove's testimony to a federal grand jury is being reported. The testimony suggests that President Bush's political adviser may not have been the original source for the Valerie Plame leak. Rove testifying that he first learned about Plame from columnist Robert Novak, a CNN contributor. Dana Bash reports.
Dartblog links this blogger, who says: Immediately after that you can clearly hear a female voice on mic whispering "that's bullshit".

The part in bold seems to be clearly bullshit, if you believe recent accounts.* Here's what was printed in The New York Times:
After hearing Mr. Novak's account, the person who has been briefed on the matter said, Mr. Rove told the columnist: "I heard that, too."
Here's a simple question: how can Rove have "first learned about Plame from columnist Robert Novak" if Rove told Novak that "I heard that, too." Rove had to have heard it before, even according to this account (which I think is probably simply Rove's lawyer Luskin or someone else spinning for Rove).

Dartblog tells the story this way:
Lou Dobbs was introducing a report on Grand Jury testimony to the effect that Rove did not volunteer information to Novak, but vice-versa. As the piece was to start, a CNN staffer can clearly be heard in the background yelling, "That's bullshit!" That's CNN.
Notice how Dartblog does not mention that the last sentence Dobbs said before introducing the report was in fact bullshit. That's Dartblog.

Also: Dartblog Gets Facts Wrong
Dartoblog says:
According to the Grand Jury Testimony, he told Matt Cooper that he had heard the same rumor (of Plame's CIA job) as had Cooper. He didn't confirm or deny it; just said that he had heard the same thing.
Reports say that Rove said that to Novak, not Cooper. Cooper testified that Rove told him about Wilson's wife, that she worked at the agency (which clearly meant the CIA to him) on WMD issues. Cooper didn't know about Wilson's wife until Rove told him. I don't know what Grand Jury Testimony Dartblog is talking about, but he isn't reading the newspapers well. I don't claim to get every detail right when blogging (especially about this topic), but Dartblog is not even getting the basic details right, making me wonder what is going on. The level of detail that Dartlog using in Wilson made think he knew more specifics than most (me for example), but now I'm not so sure.

Mystery partly solved. I'm guessing Dartblog reads National Review's The Corner.
Here's what Cliff May posted: "6) Reporters heard rumors about Plame arranging Wilson’s trip to Africa. Cooper asked Rove about it. Rove said he’d heard the same thing – perhaps from another reporter." May provides no link. Neither does Dartblog, not even to May (or wherever they both got it from). Immediate Update: All kinds of crap is floating around NRO. I'm giving up tracking back all this stuff, for now.

But: Heh.

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