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9/16/2004 08:16:00 PM | Timothy

Soros got that Capitalist Juice
Talking about George Soros on the O'Reilly Factor last night:
JOHN CARLISLE, NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY CENTER: ... oh, yes, he [Soros] is most certainly still making money. As you say, he's worth $7 billion. And he primarily makes money through currency speculation, speculating on stocks, speculating on bonds. But most of his wealth, in the past, has come from, basically, betting on currencies, whether they'll appreciate or depreciate.

This has caused some controversy because he's been accused of profiting from people's misery by selling currencies in places such as Asia or Great Britain, and making money off the devaluation of those currencies.

O'REILLY: All right, so this is a guy who, if word gets out that he's betting against your currency, as he did some years ago in Britain with the pound, the then pound, if word gets out that he's saying your currency is going to go flat, then people sell just because he's saying that, correct?

CARLISLE: Yes, absolutely. He was, arguably, certainly at that time, the most influential currency speculator. He certainly commanded a tremendous amount of money, billions and billions of dollars.

O'REILLY: So he's a capitalist tool this guy. He's using the capitalist systems, the financial markets to enrich himself, correct?

CARLISLE: Oh, yes, yes. He's quite...

O'REILLY: But his political philosophy is so far left it's almost socialist.

CARLISLE: Yeah, he's almost schizophrenic in some respects. And when he's been criticized for some of his currency speculation deals, he's said, "Well, maybe we should have governmental institutions, international institutions to take over the process." I mean, he makes money by capitalism, but then he turns around and criticizes the capitalist system for being amoral.

O'REILLY: Now, how powerful do you believe he is within the Democratic Party itself? When we have them having to ask for a meeting, I mean, 11 of them, that's a lot of juice, is it not?
I thought it strangely sounded like "that's a lot of Jews, is it not?" Huh.
(O'Reilly used "juice" once earlier in the program, saying: "In fact, 11 Congressional Democrats have written a letter to Soros, asking for a meeting with him to discuss "important public policy issues." So this guy is juice.")

These were the other latest 3 mentions by O'Reilly in the transcripts:
Charles Frenzel, Loveland, Ohio: "Bill, thought I saw you on a highway here. The license plate read 'Blow V 8.'" Probably somebody who likes juice, Mr. Frenzel.
O'REILLY: When Mel Gibson -- you know, a thousand times more juice than these guys. People go, all right, we got it.
COSTAS: Guys being on juice is a big, big factor.
O'REILLY: Right. And it's cheating.
SIMMONS: Yes. And if you all don't want to drink Pimpjuice, drink DEFCON 3, Russell Simmons' beverage company.
O'REILLY: You can bet I won't be drinking any Pimpjuice. Thanks for coming in

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