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On Another Greek Note
1/19/2007 06:39:00 PM | Nathan Empsall

TDX blitzed out the following party announcement today, simultaneously mocking its own reputation, soon-to-be-impeached SA President Tim Andreadis,


Look, I know there's some bad things being said about me right now. I now some guy named Tim is going around saying that I objectify women and that you shouldn't come around anymore. I know this looks bad, but baby I swear he's lying.

I'm not trying to get into your pants, I'm trying to get into an insightful conversation that stimulates the mind. I'm not checking out your butt, I'm humbly bowing my head in your presence. I'm not inviting you back to my room to make out, I'm trying to find someone who enjoys reading Robert Frost late night as much as I do.

I don't know who this Tim guy is, but he's the one you should watch out for. From what I hear, he's all about back-stabbing people, one of the things that he claims goes on between us. But that's besides the point. This isn't about Tim, it's about us. Anyways, I'm having some people over tonight and I was hoping you'd stop by. I understand if you don't believe me, but I'll keep "Robert Frost's Greatest Hits" bookmarked just in case.

-TDX Tonight 11-3 Kegs"

Dana Walker '07 blitzed the following:

"Hi! I'm sweet frat guy. I'm going to assert my super sweetness by mocking the objectification of women and by especially mocking one of the only leaders on our campus who cares enough to make light of this huge problem that I don't deign to recognize or care about.

Mainly, I'm going to make fun of the objectification of women because I know that my brothers and I do shit like this, but I'm too much of a spineless coward to confront them and stop this. This is largely because I don't want to deviate and stop conforming because then I might be ostracized. And everyone knows that being ostracized is obviously a lot worse than rape and sexual assault. DUH.

So instead I'm going to write this cute little story and allude to the fucked up shit that happens in my house and in other houses, without actually taking responsibility or taking it seriously."

UPDATE: TDX canceled the party and apologized.

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Hey Nathan, a little background on this might be in order. Are you referring to this incident?, or something more recent? I suggest you refer to a link in a posting like this.

By Blogger Justin Sarma, at 7:06 PM  

Sorry, Justin. I'm actually referring to blitzes that were sent out this week. TDX was going to hold a party, and instead of just blitzing out the time and theme as frats usually do, they sent the above blitz. It mocks SA President Tim Andreadis for things he has said about the frats and his recently-disclosed desire to abolish the Greek system. I posted the blitz here because I found its disrespect for women highly offensive.

I would have attached a link, but since it's about recent blitz mails there was no link to attach. Seal also posted about it on his blog, so I guess you could check that out:

By Blogger Nathan S. Empsall, at 2:46 PM  

Thanks Nathan. What I thought lacked context was the claim that they were trivializing "rape and sexual assault". I was wondering if there was some background incident in which someone had been raped or assaulted, or if it was just the email. If it was just the email, then I think the reference to rape and sexual assault was sort of an unfair exaggeration of the content of the email.

By Blogger Justin Sarma, at 12:29 AM  

No, it's just that Tim's push against sexual assault and lack of results has recieved lots of ridicule.

Of course, last term Tim did send out some alarming and false SA blitzes warning students or area rapes.

By Blogger Nathan S. Empsall, at 11:17 PM  

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