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10/05/2006 02:28:00 PM | Richie Jay

I just stumbled across this online discussion board, which, as its name suggests, focuses on discussion and debate about current Dartmouth-related issues.

It seems as though the site's creators are strongly opposed to the new Constitution (and post quite frequently), a position not shared by most Free Pressers. However, since the site is theoretically open to all (with registration), as long as they allow the free exchange of ideas, I think the politics of the site's creators are less important than, say, on a blog, where the moderators control the conversation.

Of course, current and former Free Pressers are still heartily encouraged to use this (newly redesigned) blog as a forum for discussion, and all readers are urged to give feedback using the comments feature at the bottom of each post.

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Thanks for posting the article and link to Dartmouth Views. Through total coincidence, I also just "stumbled" onto this blog (for Free Press alums?) by following links from the absolutely-brilliant vox-the-vote news spoof (so "real" maybe it was "real").

As the creator of Dartmouth Views (with some tech assistance from others), I can assure you the intent is to provide an open forum for thoughtful and reasoned discussion from all perspectives... liberal/conservative/libertarian/apolitical. I hope it can be continued beyond the current governance debate, but its value is ultimately going to be determined by the number participants and the vibrancy of divergent views.

For the interest of your readers, Dartmouth Views came into existence after I had asked the Association of Alumni blog moderators to allow anyone to post new topics, as well as respond to the Association Exec Committee's own posts. The response was that they were "too busy" to do this. I also requested of the College that the Alumni Relations office expand the current ClassTalk/ClubTalk section at their site to encourage cross-group discussions on topics of interest to all alumni (they use the same public software program as Dartmouth Views). Their response was a polite no, citing that 1. it would only be used to present negative views and 2. they would not learn much about alumni concerns from the discussions, and will stick to professional surveys instead. It was suggested I could go off and create an independent site... which is now Dartmouth Views.

If anyone would like to get involved helping move the site to a new level, please log on there and send me a Private Message to that effect.

Tim Dreisbach '71

By Blogger Tim Dreisbach '71, at 3:22 PM  


I've expressed personally to you my concerns that your site might be a smidge biased in favor of the write-ins, but I appreciate your attempts at open-ness. I feel that if nothing else, the more honest information out there, the better.

By Blogger Jared Alessandroni, at 3:26 PM  

Jared: If by "biased in favor of the write-ins", you mean supportive of petition trustee candidates (at least those we have currently) and supportive of the petition process, I am very much that way.

However, the site itself should NOT be biased, as it is open to all. If it appears to be, it is only because others having different views have elected not to share them.

The only posts which have been deleted are the ones of obvious spam. I encourage you and all others to participate.

It has been interesting during the last few months of governance debate to discover the breadth of opinion among AGTF proposal opponents, with some quite libertarian people and liberal thinking in the mix.

By Blogger Tim Dreisbach '71, at 4:03 PM  

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