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11/10/2005 09:28:00 PM | Nathan Empsall

You People Take Things Too Seriously

Looking at the comments on some of my posts, I've just got to say - you people take things too seriously.

A couple weeks ago, I listed several major disasters, and concluded that God was punishing us for allowing Pat Robertson and his cohorts to speak out. Several people lambasted me for claiming God was going to attack us, for dragging him into, etc. I WAS JOKING. I guess I can understand Justin's confusion, given that I mentioned my own goal of becoming an Episcopal priest. I will say now that I was not joking about that; that is one of my goals. I mentioned it only to point out that not all Christians are fundamentalists like Robertson - but such sarcasm will not be a part of my ministry. I should not have mixed the two in my post, so for that, I apologize. But everything else - I WAS JOKING.

My most recent post, dreaming about a "President Pelosi", was just that. I was very open about it being a dream, not a prediction. As I wrote, "Clearly, this isn't going to happen."

One person responded, "But however, it turns out, I don't think it really compares to what Nixon did." I never said it did. What I said was, the public mistrust in government if Bush and Cheney resigned would be worse than the mistrust following Watergate - I wasn't speaking about the actual crimes committed. I made this point to show that, not only was my scenario so far fetched, but also undesirable. The post was nothing more than a partisan dream - I thought I'd made that clear. Apparently I didn't, so I apologize - don't take it so seriously.

And to the perosn whose entire response consisted of, "This has to be one of the stupidest, most poorly conceived things that I've ever read," I say two things. One, well that's fine, it wasn't meant to be rational. It was a JOKE, a DREAM, as made very clear by its wording. And two, thanks for elaborating on why it was so stupid and poorly concieved. There was no need for you to defend yourself so eloquently and in such detail, since it was a JOKE and a DREAM, but I am glad you did anyway. You provided real insight into your thinking there.

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