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11/03/2005 01:47:00 AM | Nathan Empsall

Wouldn't It Be Cool?

No one with two young children wants to spend time in prison - Daddy, why are those men putting handcuffs on you? Can we play? Mommy, why can't Daddy come to my fifth birthday party? Sixth? Seventh? Eighth?

So Libby turns on Rove, rats him out to save his own skin. Rove also has young children - and believe it or not, is, by all accounts, a good father. Now you've got both of them on trial. Obviously, for all this to happen, some time has to pass, so we'll say it's now November 2006, and the Democrats suddenly control the House of Representatives.

Rove and Libby, as well as the three other indicted junior aides, all turn on the upper echelons of the administration during their trial - we WERE misled about the Iraq War, and these two to five clowns were just cooperating with the coverup. Cheney and Bush are both forced to resign - and President Pelosi takes over.

Clearly, this isn't going to happen. Libby might fink on Rove, but it's doubtful. The two almost certainly won't fink on the friends and mentors they've worked for for years, and even if they did, Bush and Cheney almost certainly didn't know the specifics of the leak. Sure, they may have had an inkling about, a wink and a nod, but that's what fall guys are for - plausible deniability. There probably isn't enough to impeach even in a Democratically controlled Senate, much less a Republican one. Why would the men resign if there was no threat of impeachment? Bad polls? They're not running for re-election. And of course, we're not going to retake the House in 2006. The nation will want us to, but the way Congressional districts are carved up right now make it far too hard to throw out incumbents. We'll make significant gains, but Dennis Hastert will remain Speaker, and he'd be an even worse President than Bush or Cheney.

But, you've got to admit, it sure would be cool. It might tear the nation apart, and would create public mistrust in government even worse than Watergate did. That's not a good thing. But still, a President Pelosi instead of a President Bush? The Bushies and their minions forever damaged goods? I don't like Pelosi much, but it sure is a nice dream. Dare to dream.

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